- Comedy, Documentary, History, Horror, Sci-Fi

Vhs Massacre: Cult Films And The Decline Of Physical Media-2016

This lively documentary explores the rise and fall of physical media and its effect on Independent and cult films. Ranging from the origin of home movies through the video store era, it's sure to entertain. With icons like Joe Bob Briggs (MonsterVision), Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger), Greg Sestero (The Room), Debbie Rochon (Return to Nuke 'Em High), Deborah Reed (Troll 2), Mark Frazer (Samurai Cop), James Nguyen (Birdemic) and many others.


Genre: Documentary, Comedy, History, Horror, Sci-Fi

Actor: , , ,

Director: ,



Realease: 20 June 2016

Duration: 72 min

Quality: HD 720

IMDb: 5.9

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